Christian Law Association

John and Ashley Jupp

Clint Minnuch

Rock of Ages Prison Ministries

Abraham and Erica Thomas

Brad and Debbie Wells


John and Elizabeth Atkinson

  • Location: Turkey
  • Website:

Andrew and Elena Au

Jonathan and Alisa Ballou

Steven and Angela Benefield

Norm and Mary Brewer

Ryan and Sarah Case

Kyle and Jodi Charters

Allen and Stephanie Copeland

  • Location: Puerto Rico
  • Website:

Hector and Erica Garcia

Arturo and Socorro Garza

  • Location: Mexico
  • Website:

Sever and Cathy Goncuilea

Les and Jenny Hill

Jim and Ari Hirtzel

John and Cathy Honeycutt

Leland and Naomi Johnson

Ramzi and Ruth Kammar

Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney

Kenny and Kalie Keck

Kounaro and Chorvy Keo

Eugene and Olga Kozachenko

  • Location: Ukraine
  • Website:

Joseph and Shelley Martinez

  • Location: Argentina
  • Website:

Garry and Nancy Mathenay

Adam and Christie McGeorge

Dan and Debbie Morris

Arturo and Nicole Munoz

Larry and Dawn Nelson

Ed and Elvie Novato

Chris and Rebecca Pattison

Shimreipam and Awon Phungshok

Stetson and Sandy Planck

Joel and Michelle Reasoner

Jason and Ana Russell

Kyle and Annie Sheridan

Tim Sober

  • Location: Tibet
  • Website:

Jason and Arlene Stevens

Ryan and Elisabeth Strother

Derek and Julie Thomas

Koumaly and Daratha Thongdy

  • Location: Cambodia
  • Website:

Dwight and Gayle Tomlinson

Tim and Debra Tyler

Bob and Ruth Walker

  • Location: Mexico
  • Website:

Dan and Debbie Watson

  • Location: British Columbia
  • Website:

Mike and Becky Winters

  • Location: Japan
  • Website:

Ninglum Wungkhai

Joe and Kella Wynn

Adam and Angela Young


Bible Colleges

Heartland Baptist Bible College

Pacific Baptist College

West Coast Baptist College

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