September 2016

Dear Friends,

Peyton has arrived! We’re excited to announce that on the evening of August 11, Peyton MacKenzie Riveiro was born. Although initially there were a couple of concerns with her health, her doctors quickly ruled out any major issues by a week after birth. We are praising the Lord for His goodness. Dianne has also recovered well over the past couple of weeks. Last Sunday morning, we were excited to attend church as a family of 6 for the very first time. We’re so blessed that LBC has been so loving and supportive of our family. Different church families prepared over a week’s worth of meals for us, and we constantly have folks reminding us they are praying for us. We’re so blessed!

Activity at the church outside of our normal services was at a minimum in August so that we could be ready whenever the baby arrived. Despite this, we’ve seen some wonderful progress over the past month. We’ve had visitors weekly at church for over two months. We are excited that many of these visitors have continued attending, not only on Sunday morning, but on Sunday night and Wednesday night as well. In fact, our average attendance at all three services is higher than it’s been at any other point. We’re thrilled at how God is moving in people’s hearts. One of the things that excites me about these visitors is that they all come from different places in their spiritual journey. We have one lady who joined two weeks ago who just moved from Virginia, where she attended a wonderful independent Baptist church. We have a few other seasoned Christians who have been attending who were attracted to the fact that our doctrine and preaching isn’t “watered down.” Another new family has several baby Christians who eagerly want to grow. Still others are likely unsaved, needing to call upon Christ. Please pray for us as we continue to work with this diverse group of people.

Our annual missions conference is coming up September 21-25. This year, our theme is “A Heart for Massachusetts.” Each evening, we have a different preacher who will tell us about their Massachusetts church plant or church restoration project. Although we are a firm believer and supporter of foreign missions, I truly believe that the light that shines farthest shines the brightest at home. The best way we can help foreign missions is to strengthen our churches stateside. I look forward to giving you a good report about the meeting next month.

We’re so excited that Peyton finally made her arrival. Thank you so much for your prayers over the past nine months!

Your church planters,