The Value of One

We are thankful to have exciting news!  We have had the first and second souls trust Christ as Saviour at a service of Community Baptist Church in Sutton.  Ryan was able to give Lorraine a tract during outreach and she began attending several weeks in a row.  After the service on August 21st, a lady in the church asked her about salvation and brought her to Ryan to lead her to the Lord!  Lorraine is pictured second from the left with the ladies.  Please keep her in prayer as she learns and grows in Christ.  Our second soul converted in the church was on Sunday, September 11th.  Mo is Iranian, was raised Muslim, and tried to find our church for 3 Sundays after receiving an invite during outreach.  Thankfully he found us and the Saviour, being led to the Lord by a faithful member following the service!

As the church attendance grows, we are scheduling more opportunities for spiritual growth and Christian fellowship.  We had our 2nd Annual Church Picnic to Box Hill after service on Sunday, September 4th with 18 regulars and visitors.  The ladies’ Bible study started out well with 6 ladies attending and 5 committing to join in the future. On Friday, September 9th at 7PM we  had our first monthly prayer service in our home with 15 attending.  It was a sweet time of a devotional, prayer, and fellowship.  God is working here and we realize more and more the important role of your prayers and support in our ministry.

We took a step of faith this past Sunday, September 18th by moving our services into the large assembly hall of the school.  We did not have a summer slump, but a summer growth spurt and we need more space!  It is exciting to watch the Lord grow His church in faith and numbers!  Thank you for being part of this work as we continue to serve the Lord in London.