A half-way house for women (Une maison de transition pour des femmes)
Since our arrival in Burkina Faso, we have been overwhelmed by the vast number of young women and single mothers struggling with the daily affairs of life. Back in 2006, we sent out a letter asking for counsel as what to do with these growing concerns among a sizable portion of the population.  Our prayers letters have been filled with references to the various struggles some of these ladies were going through.      We talked about the teenage sisters of Germane; Louise, Sabine, and Elizabete, who came into Ouaga from their villages. (April 2006) They had no education, no job opportunities and no future prospects.  They became faithful to our church services, only to be pulled away because of financial necessities (one has to go where the support is).  The following prayer letter (May 2006) mentioned the story of Flore who succumbed to AIDS, after being ostracized by her entire family, being forced to live with a distant cousin.  The stories of Jeanne and Aminata was mentioned in the March 2010 letter.  Jeanne, a young teenager claimed abuse by her father.  We tried and tried to help her, even confronting her father, but, she ended up on the streets prostituting herself.  Aminata was forced into living with her Muslim cousins who tolerate her, but are ‘unkind’ to her.  She is still faithful in church, but heavily dependent financially on her Muslim family.  Jesica was mentioned in the January/February 2013 letter.  Her husband was killed as a national police officer, leaving her with her young son, alone.  Her family wanted her to move back to her husband’s village, but that would mean her leaving Ouaga and our church.  Since we had the opportunity to house her at the Institute, we moved her into it.  She is still faithful.  Shortly thereafter, her cousin, Biba, also greatly struggling in her young life, moved into the Institute.  Sylvie’s story was told in the March/April 2014 letter.  Her husband had been abusing her.  She did make a profession of faith, as did her husband several months later.  But they still struggle and from time to time she is forced back into her village.  Recently we told the story of Benewende, whose husband died leaving her with six children (she had a seventh just before her husband died).  She was forced out of her home, that her husband had built.  With nowhere to go, her pastor asked if she could move into the Institute.  She is there today.  There are various other stories scattered throughout our prayers letters, talking about the plights of Mariam, Marcelline, Safiatou, and a host of others.      We will not be able to continue with the Institute building past October.  Other than seeking various places for these young ladies among their extended family members, our only other option is to seek a semi-permanent home for them in a rental house of their own.  We would be able to keep ministering to those already there, and also add more young women and young mothers who have little, if any recourses.  To do that would cost an average of $600.00 per month (which would include rental, utilities, and security).  Mary and I are asking, first and foremost, if you would commit this matter to prayer.  Secondly we ask that you would consider supporting the half-way house on a monthly basis to see it continue.  If you are so led by God, the monies could be sent directly to our sending church labeled ‘half-way house’ or to our Mission’s Office also labeled ‘half-way house.’     Above all, pray for these young women and these young mothers.  Pray also that the Lord will give Mary and I the wisdom in how to effectively reach them, disciple them, and help them grow in the grace, knowledge and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your faithful and consistent prayer and financial support!  It is greatly appreciated!